Optimizing Your Building Permit Application

Guide to Optimizinget Your Building Permit Application

This new publication “Guide to Optimizing Your Building Permit Application” by William Edward Summers will help you to expedite your building permit application.



Easy Building Plans

I get so many requests for simple basic utility buildings, like garages, coach houses,  lane houses, and cottages that I have created a site just to facilitate the offering of these types of planning services. have a look at:


My least expensive offering  is my $99 dollar basic garage plan. Someone  actually emailed me to say that he thought the price was too high.

Plans For Sale

Over the years William Edward Summers has amassed a large and diverse collection of building plans that are suitable for selling. An overview of some of the available plans has been assembled in a short slide show that can be seen here:


Among the most popular plans are the coach house and garage plansImage