Micro Coach House

Experimental Small Building Designed to Reduce Homelessness and Create Jobs

The new design project by architect/designer William Edward Summers is designed to reduce the cost of housing, increase revenue for towns and cities, reduce homelessness, create well paying jobs, provide a location for new businesses, is low profile, makes money for those who build it, increases home equity and is very inexpensive. The basic project configuration can be seen here. The complete ready to use building permit application plans, including the micro apartment design is available below


"Micro Coach House"

“Micro Coach House”

This concept is one of several experimental mall buildings “ESBs” invented by Summers. This building is called the “Micro Coach House”. It is slightly larger than a single car garage and only a few feet higher, but it includes a second floor micro apartment. It was developed to meet the zoning and building codes where Summers does most of his projects, California, British Columbia, Canada and Washington State, but will be suitable for most towns and cities. With careful design it became possible to create a building that would meet or exceed most accessory building requirements for small single family lots, yet still provides a 168 square foot micro apartment with attached garage. If the garage is not needed then even additional usable square footage is available, far more livable than the extreme tiny houses built on wheels.

The micro apartment area of the “Micro Coach House” while not huge is more than adequate for a home business, or dwelling space. It is fully self-contained, including room for a washer and dryer. There is even a small balcony for setting up a BBQ.

The project is designed for the DIY type to easily complete with some professional guidance. The materials used are inexpensive, low impact and can, for the most part, be shipped to the site in a standard pick up truck

The garage has long been a site for great innovation, from HP to Disney, Harley-Davidson, Microsoft, and other great companies. An experimental small building such as the “Micro Coach House” offers even more to both the home owner, and entrepreneur.

The complete ready to use building application set of plans, including the micro apartment design and layout are available as a printed folio for $79 U.S. Dollars, plus shipping. All of the sheets are unbound, standard architectural size. The first edition, first and only printing is 390 copies only, signed by the designer. and comes with a letter authorizing additional prints for the building permit application. Get it here:

btn_buynowCC_LG.There will also be an ebook edition with no printable sheets published soon.

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