Mini Coach House


The loft was a fantastic live/work space for real artists back when they were very inexpensive. Today lofts are ideal for movie stars, lawyers and high tech moguls, but far too expensive for most artists. Another trend is the desire of many creative people to get closer to the natural world.
The “Mini Coach House” designed by William Edward Summers is a tiny house and artists work space rolled into one. It is very inexpensive to build, probably less than a nice new car, and offers tremendous flexibility. This is the perfect cottage for that lot in Maine, Arizona, or Northern California.
Summers is offering free architectural plans of this versatile live/work option. You may use the material for editorial ideas or publication with attribution. A free copy may be made of this design concept with no alterations or resale, William Edward Summers retains all copyrights.


A full set of plans, designed to international building code standards, is available for $59.00 USD. Slight modifications will be required for heavy snow loads, also engineering may be required by local codes. This plan is only available for a short time. Only 200 will be offered at this price. Buy it now!


Mini coach house Floor plan and Elevation 1-page-001

Artists Live/Work Cottage


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