The Remote Stealth Cabin

Creekside cabin site

The “Remote Stealth Cabin”

 The “Remote Stealth Cabin” by architect/designer William Edward Summers is one of the least expensive dwelling units that can be easily built in even remote rural locations. It is designed to provide security from intruders while the cabin owner is away, offer flexibility of use, and be easy to camouflage.

The design evolved from this elevated  shelter design:

carport with steps to seond floor

The new version deletes the stairway and makes access possible only via a ladder. It also changes the door to a position under a gable end lockable hatch:


The final look becomes that of a carport with a steep roof. it appears to the casual observer to have no door, so the habitable space is obscured from a person simply passing by. If the siding is consistent it will look like this:

carport steep roof


The construction of the “Remote Stealth Cabin” can be accomplished by someone with basic construction skills in about one week. The materials for constructing the cabin can be carried to the site in a pick up truck. The cabin is also very inexpensive to construct. The floor of the cabin is sturdy enough to support a small wood burning stove and the plan has instructions for safe installation of the chimney as an optional feature. The “Remote Stealth Cabin” has a number of special security features that are revealed to purchasers of the building plans. This plan can be integrated into an urban or suburban garage by simply building in the walls. Then you will have a garage with a secure micro apartment above. Perfect for an office, or dwelling space. After being built out it will look similar to the illustration below.


The plans are currently being offered in PDF format and consists of permit application ready building plans, for those that need to obtain a permit to build on their remote rural site. In most cases, it may not be necessary to obtain a permit to build this cabin. If you are interested follow up now.

Ten Reasons to Get Plans for the “Remote Stealth Cabin”:

1) It is inexpensive to build

2) It is one of the easiest cabins to secure

3)You can easily build it yourself with basic construction experience

4) The materials can all be transported to the site in a standard pick up truck

5) It is large enough for several people, having a 7′ x 20′ area over 6′-8″ (door height)

6) It can hold a wood burning stove in your remote location

7) Most animals cannot enter

8) It is difficult for others to enter because of the design configuration

 9) It is difficult for a person looking at it to even ascertain that it is a cabin

10) In a disaster it can serve as a retreat

Contact me using the form to ask questions and purchase the plans. They are currently $245.00 during  2014:

The plans include:, A floor plan, foundation plan, elevations section, roof framing plan, Floor framing plan, connection details, specifications

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3 thoughts on “The Remote Stealth Cabin

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  2. anything a little larger or built with straw bale encased in concrete ?

    Like your idea of the stealth cabin !

    Thanks Ken

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